Hi,  I’m Natalie DeNormandie.  I design gardens full of tasty things to eat.

Plants are a beautiful thread woven through my life.  After my first job working at a local a nursery, I studied botany.  We trekked around Utah’s Wasatch front to study plants in distinct habitats.  I saw that some plants are generalists and will live almost anywhere; others are quite particular.

I finished my undergraduate work in landscape architecture and environmental planning at Utah State University, followed by work in Canada on large-scale forest ecology and with First Nation tribes, designing an interpretive landscape at a winery. At the time, I didn’t realize I was immersed in native herbalism while researching the ethobotanical significance of the area for the winery project. I moved to Massachusetts, where I studied native plants at the New England Wild Flower Society and completed graduate studies in landscape architecture and ecology at the Harvard Design School.

I started my practice, SegoDesign, in 2005 with a focus on edible gardens – I found that real, lasting, and deep engagement with a landscape was easy to encourage if it involves berries – and deep engagement is what I am after. In 2009, I contracted Lyme Disease and became increasingly interested in health. I studied herbalism at the Boston School of Herbal Studies and continued to learn how to weave plants even more fully into my life.

I design to weave plants fully into my clients lives: through their gardens, kitchens, medicine cabinets, celebrations. You can see more of my work here.

To your health and the health of all around you! —Natalie