Favorite Plant Information Websites

I use a number of resources, not the least of which is my personal library (books!). Information about plants isn’t all reliable online. Having said that, two general sites that are pretty good are:

  • Plants for a Future – My favorite site for edibles (which I use all the time!)
  • Richter’s Herbs – (pronounce the ‘H’, they are Canadian) This is where I order baby herbs from, since they only use soil and it is an all-organic operation.

Other pretty good resources:

  • USDA PLANTS – The tome.
  • UCONN – For woody plants, mostly… Also Virginia Tech and other colleges have sites that are great, and regionally appropriate.
  • Cornell – is renowned for theirs, but I don’t use it all that much.
  • Dave’s Garden – sometimes user posts can be helpful, and you can ask questions of the community.

My favorite site for grasses, specifically, is a commercial site:

  • Bluestem Nursery – based in Canada. It is phenomenal, they are the experts.

The bummer is: none of these are gorgeous sites! All technical, and information-packed, but not inspiring.

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