Herb Companies

My favorite Herb Suppliers (there are lots of good ones!):

For wide selection and bulk orders: Rose Mountain Herbs, but since they are far away, I try to order a big bulk order only if I have to of non-locally produced herbs (Ayurvedic, Chinese) and stay local for the rest.

For really high quality: Kate Gilday at Woodland Essence, and Healing Spirits (has the best-colored dried herbs because they try them in the greenhouse, and they also sell Ryan Drum’s seaweed). Zach Woods Herb Farm in Vermont also has amazing stuff, but you have to call them or go there.

For local quality and wide pre-made product range: Avena Botanicals, Jean’s Greens, (I love Jean’s herbal sheets you can get for 50c each with an order – they got me into Herbalism!)

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