Muscle aches and pains – simple remedy

My favorite remedy for sore muscles, back ache, or workout stress (usually glutes and hamstrings) is from the Director of the Boston School of Herbal Studies, Madelon Hope, who says, “I don’t know what I’d do without Solomon’s Seal!”

  • Apply Solomon’s seal (tincture) generously to the sore area
  • Rub in St John’s wort oil over soaked-in tincture
  • Repeat throughout the day

Herbal remedies sometimes seem to not work if you haven’t used enough herb or applied the herb enough times. Use a lot of tincture and oil topically for success with this remedy.

I’ve also used a Solomon’s Seal and St. John’s Wort oil blend, which is lovely, but not as fast-acting. I’ve always experienced relief with this simple remedy. Thanks Madelon!

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