Two Mints: Sage & Catmint

Today is peony day at FloraVerdura:


And in the bouquets, there are just a few lovely mints. Herbs aren’t going strong yet – there are just a few blooming – but the few blooms we have went into the bouquets to add scent and a wildness that balances the HUGENESS of the peonies.

Sage and Catmint

The Sage (white sage) is on the left, and the Catmint (Walker’s Low) is on the right.

Sage has a bigger, meatier flower, deeper purple with very dark base and thick, leathery leaves. The Catmint is airier, more pungent smelling, with finely serrated leaf-edges.

Both mints can be used for a simple cup of tea, both are nervines (calm the nerves), and Sage is particularly great for menopausal women (but can be used by anyone!). It equalizes temperature and moisture in the body.

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