Join us Friday mornings in the barn –
we’ll be there smiling
with your bouquet!

About Us

We love plants, especially flowers and beautifully fragrant herbs. Flora Verdura is our way of sharing the plants we love with you in an easy, sustainable, and indulgently delightful format. We grow bundles of local, organic flowers and herbs, arrange them into intoxicating bouquets, and share them with you through a floral CSA.

Flora is latin for flower. Flora also refers to the plants of a particular region or habitat. In the UK, flora is “a good-looking girl, usually of the long-legged variety, who is a joy to behold.” Um, yep, that too!

Verdura means green leafy vegetables or ‘durable greens’. We specialize in amazing greens for market, of all seasons and varieties – all local and all organically grown. Many are native, smell divine, or are edible herbs, and all are tested for long-endurance in a container.

Flora Verdura encompasses what we love in a beautifully arranged bouquet, for you!


Floral Style

Trending now: herbs as fillers in bouquets. We’re on it.

Perilla, Chervil, Mint, Dill, Basil, Fennel, Valerian, Lavender, Sambucus… the foliage and fragrance is fantastic.

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