Urban Moonshine’s Call to Action

I was first introduced to Guido Masé and his famous bitters via an online webinar two years ago. He spoke on the action of bitters in the body, and it was so convincing and well-taught that I’ve been taking bitters ever since. I make my own now, with Apple Cider Vinegar as the menstruum. I use dandelion leaves and roots, garlic mustard (which is so abundant here in the spring that our town has an annual “Garlic Mustard Pull”, I love the green of the leaves – it is so vibrant), and parsley, plus a little horseradish and cayenne for kick.

See Urban Moonshine’s forward-acting Dandelion Campaign here.

And check out Guido Masé’s accompanying article here.


Yes, that little white-flowering plant on either side of the trail is nearly ALL Garlic Mustard! Happily sprouting underneath branches of Autumn Olive.

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